Risk Assessment

We help Corporates identify key risks facing their businesses and develop strategies to manage these risks. Risks can be strategic, operational, financial, reporting or legal and regulatory.

For this purpose Finmatrix has built up :

  • A comprehensive inventory of risks by process and industry segments.
  • A repository of desired controls by each risk.
  • Extensive Knowledge – Bank of major issues and best practices.


  • Identification, evaluation & prioritization of key business & process risks.
  • Listing of mitigating internal controls against each risk.
  • Mapping of business processes and evaluation of Internal controls.
  • Testing of Internal controls for effectiveness using ‘walk-thru’ tests.
  • Recommending improvements in internal controls, business processes & financial reporting.
  • Benchmarking with best practices.
  • Review for compliance with corporate policies, statutory & regulatory environment.
  • Review of IT systems.
  • Review of effectiveness of managerial supervision.